About Us

“Medixify” began as an initiative built upon the belief that anyone, no matter their current health or fitness status, is capable of reaching their fitness and health targets. 2022 marked its formation by an assembly of knowledgeable fitness experts, health enthusiasts, runners, and nutritionists coming together to form an international platform that would make that journey less strenuous for all around the globe: this was how Well Fit Insider came to exist.

At Fitness First our mission is clear – we want you to reach your fitness and nutrition objectives! Fitness should not be treated as an end goal but as part of life itself; making long-term lifestyle changes should not require short-term fixes, the main objective being feeling great both inside and out!

Welcome To Well Fit Insider Join Our Community

At the Medixify community, we welcome and encourage everyone who wishes to begin or continue on a path toward improved physical fitness and improved health. Whether just beginning this path, or looking to advance it even further; no matter where your fitness level stands – whether just beginning, or seeking to progress it even further; our goal is to aid and motivate each of you towards realizing your desired outcomes and reaching goals together!


Medixify was built on its team, each member is certified as either a health and fitness coach, distance runner/running coach, or nutritionist. Together we form a collective of dedicated professionals dedicated to fitness, health, and overall well-being – and are here to help you realize it for yourself! Our mission is simple – helping each of you realize the best version of you possible!

Experienced staff provides full-service advice on a range of fitness and health topics, including choosing an exercise regime tailored specifically to you, understanding nutritional requirements for optimal body function, and helping keep the focus on reaching goals – we’re there every step of the way to support you on your fitness journey!


Medixify takes great pride in producing premium content backed by research. We understand the fitness and health market can be quite confusing due to ever-evolving trends and contradictory data; therefore we strive to offer reliable information you can rely on. Our content meets these criteria!

Content on Fitness and nutrition is continuously being updated to keep pace with research findings, guidelines, and topical issues on fitness and nutrition. Our objective is to equip you with all of the information and tools required for making informed decisions regarding your health and well-being.

It is more than a website; we invite users to join in our journey by sharing stories and knowledge among themselves. Our community offers encouragement, support, and motivation as you make strides forward on your health journeys.

Best Wishes & Thank You

Thank You! For choosing Medixify as a source for fitness and health information. Together let’s begin our journey together towards getting stronger, more efficient, and ultimately healthy – becoming well-fit insiders ourselves!