What Type Of Treadmill Does Orangetheory Use For Its Workouts?

The treadmills used at Orangetheory Fitness Studios are not your run-of-the-mill machines. They are specifically designed to cater to the unique workout style of the fitness chain.

So, what treadmill does Orangetheory use for its workouts and how is it different from other treadmills on the market? Let’s find out.

What Treadmill Does Orangetheory Use?

Orangetheory Fitness uses a customized version of the Freemotion REFLEX™ treadmill. This treadmill is specifically designed for the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that Orangetheory is known for.

The treadmill features a shock-absorbing deck that helps to reduce the impact on your joints, as well as easy-to-use controls that allow you to quickly change your speed and incline. It also has a built-in fan to keep you cool during your intense workout sessions.

How Is The Orangetheory Treadmill Different?

The Orangetheory treadmill is different from traditional treadmills in several ways. Firstly, the shock-absorbing deck helps to reduce the impact on your joints, making it more comfortable to run on for longer periods of time. This is especially important during high-intensity workouts, where you are constantly pushing yourself to your limits.

Moreover, the easy-to-use controls allow for quick adjustments in speed and incline, which is crucial for Orangetheory’s interval-based workout style. The built-in fan also adds an extra level of comfort, ensuring that you can push through your workout without feeling overheated.

Another key difference is the customized programming that is unique to Orangetheory’s version of the Freemotion REFLEX™ treadmill. This includes interval training programs and personalized heart rate monitoring, which are integral components of an effective Orangetheory workout.

Performance and Features Of Orangetheory Treadmill

The Orangetheory treadmill boasts an impressive set of features that make it ideal for the intense workouts at Orangetheory Fitness. These include:

  • A powerful 4.0 horsepower motor that can handle high speeds and inclines without lagging.
  • A spacious running surface with a width of 22 inches, providing ample room for comfortable running.
  • A maximum speed of 12 mph and an incline range of up to 15%, allowing for a wide range of intensity levels.
  • An intuitive console with a large, easy-to-read display that shows your speed, incline, time, and distance.
  • Bluetooth compatibility for seamless integration with heart rate monitors and fitness tracking apps.
  • A variety of pre-programmed workouts and the ability to create custom workouts based on your fitness goals.
BrandOrangetheory Fitness uses the FreeMotion brand for their treadmills.
ModelCustom version of the Reflex T11.3 treadmill.
1 STEP™ ControlsAllows users to immediately adjust speed and incline during workouts.
Shock-Absorbing DeckProvides a comfortable and safe running surface.
DurabilityThe treadmill is durable and built to withstand high-intensity workouts.
Large LED ScreenDisplays workout metrics and progress.
Weight CapacityDesigned to accommodate users of varying weights.

Performance Metrics

  • The Freemotion REFLEX™ treadmill at Orangetheory Fitness is engineered to support an immersive workout experience by accurately tracking essential performance metrics.
  • It efficiently logs your speed, distance, and, importantly, heart rate during the workout. These metrics are crucial for tailoring the intensity of your exercise to your fitness level and goals.
  • The ability to monitor heart rate in real-time plays a pivotal role in keeping you within your targeted heart rate zones, ensuring you maximize fat burn and improve cardiovascular health effectively.

Interactive Features

  • Beyond basic metric tracking, the treadmill seamlessly integrates with Orangetheory’s heart rate monitoring technology.
  • This integration is a testament to the machine’s interactive capabilities, providing instant feedback on your performance and adjusting the workout intensity as required. Such features not only enhance the engagement of the exercise session but also ensure it is as efficient and effective as possible.
  • The interactive system also encourages a bit of healthy competition and motivation, as participants can see their progress and compare it with others in real time during the class.

Comfort and Safety Of Orangetheory Treadmill

Orangetheory places a strong emphasis on the safety and comfort of its members. This is reflected in the design of their customized treadmill, which includes features such as:

  • The shock-absorbing deck reduces the impact on joints, minimizing the risk of injury.
  • A built-in fan that helps to keep you cool during intense workouts.
  • Easy-to-use controls that allow for quick adjustments during the workout, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • A safety clip that is attached to your clothing automatically stops the treadmill if you fall or drift too far back.

Cushioning System

  • The Freemotion REFLEX™ treadmill used in Orangetheory Fitness focuses heavily on the comfort and safety of its users, starting with an advanced cushioning system.
  • This system is engineered to minimize impact stress on joints during high-intensity runs or walks. The cushioning technology absorbs shock effectively, providing a softer landing for each step.
  • This not only enhances the overall running experience by making it more comfortable but also reduces the risk of injuries.
  • The thoughtful integration of this cushioning system underscores Orangetheory’s commitment to delivering a workout that is both effective and safe for individuals at any fitness level.

Safety Features

  • Alongside its impressive cushioning system, the Freemotion REFLEX™ treadmill comes equipped with a suite of safety features designed to prevent accidents and injuries during workouts.
  • One of the standout safety features is the emergency stop mechanism. Located within easy reach, this mechanism allows for an immediate shutdown of the treadmill in case of a mishap or if the runner loses control.
  • Additionally, the treadmill features a wide running belt that provides ample space for movement and sturdy handrails to offer support and balance.
  • These safety elements ensure that users can focus on their performance, confident in the knowledge that they are protected during their fitness regimen.

Integration with Orangetheory Workout Format

The Freemotion REFLEX™ treadmill is an integral part of Orangetheory’s unique workout format, which combines intervals of cardiovascular and strength training for a full-body, high-intensity workout.

  • The customized programming on the treadmill perfectly complements the interval-based exercise routine at Orangetheory Fitness.
  • With the ability to adjust speed and incline easily, the treadmill allows for quick transitions between high-intensity running intervals and strength training exercises.
  • This integration results in a highly efficient workout that maximizes calorie burn and boosts metabolic rate.

Workouts and Programming

The Freemotion REFLEX™ treadmill is a core element of the Orangetheory workout format, which relies heavily on interval training and performance tracking to deliver results.

This treadmill seamlessly integrates into this format, offering pre-programmed and customizable interval training options that align with Orangetheory’s heart rate zones and fitness goals.

Real-time performance tracking is essential to this integration, enabling participants to monitor their heart rate and adjust their pace or incline to remain within their targeted zones.

This tailored approach ensures that members can experience a personalized workout that maximizes efficiency and effectiveness, contributing significantly to cardiovascular improvement and calorie burning.

Coach Instructions

Coaches play a crucial role in the Orangetheory experience, utilizing the Freemotion REFLEX™ treadmill as a key tool to motivate and guide participants through their workouts.

They provide real-time adjustments and personalized instructions to ensure that each member is working within their optimal heart rate zones.

Additionally, coaches use the treadmill’s technology to push participants towards their personal bests, setting speed and incline targets that challenge members while keeping safety and individual fitness levels in mind.

This interactive and supportive approach encourages participants to stay engaged and motivated throughout their session, fostering a sense of accomplishment and progression.

Maintenance and Upkeep Of Orangetheory Treadmill

To ensure the smooth functioning and longevity of the Freemotion REFLEX™ treadmill, Orangetheory places significant emphasis on regular maintenance and upkeep.

  • Each machine undergoes routine checks and servicing to keep it in top condition.
  • Coaches also perform daily inspections before each class to identify any potential issues.
  • Members are encouraged to report any malfunctions or concerns to coaches or staff immediately.

Cleaning and Sanitization

Orangetheory takes the health and safety of its members seriously, especially in light of recent events. As such, they have implemented strict cleaning and sanitization protocols for all equipment, including the Freemotion REFLEX™ treadmill.

  • Before each class, coaches sanitize the treadmill using disinfectant wipes.
  • Members are also required to clean the treadmill after use, ensuring a hygienic environment for all participants.
  • Additionally, Orangetheory follows industry-standard guidelines and uses high-quality cleaning products to maintain a safe and sanitary workout space.

Studio Maintenance

Regular maintenance and upkeep of the treadmills within Orangetheory Fitness studios are crucial for ensuring that these machines perform at their best and remain safe for all users.

The rigorous use of treadmills in a high-intensity workout environment necessitates constant attention to potential wear and tear.

Proactive checks and routine servicing not only prolong the lifespan of this valuable equipment but also prevent disruptive breakdowns that could affect scheduled classes.

Implementing a stringent maintenance protocol reflects Orangetheory’s commitment to providing a reliable and safe workout environment for its members.

Member Experience

The condition of treadmills significantly influences the overall member experience and satisfaction during Orangetheory workouts. Well-maintained treadmills ensure smooth, uninterrupted exercise sessions, which is vital for members who are pushing their limits to achieve personal bests.

A treadmill breakdown can not only disrupt a workout but also negatively impact a member’s perception of the studio’s operational efficiency and care for member safety.

Regular upkeep is therefore not just about equipment longevity but is integral to maintaining the high-quality service that Orangetheory is known for, ultimately fostering member loyalty and satisfaction.


The Freemotion REFLEX™ treadmill’s seamless integration into the Orangetheory workout format, coupled with its emphasis on maintenance and upkeep, makes it an essential piece of equipment in providing a safe and effective fitness experience for members.

Its versatility and advanced technology allow coaches to tailor workouts to individual needs while promoting progress and results.

This integration serves as a testament to Orangetheory’s commitment to continuously improve and provide a high-quality fitness experience for its members. So, lace up your shoes, get on that treadmill, and let Orangetheory take you one step closer to achieving your fitness goals.


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