How Does Peloton High Five Transform Your Workout Experience?

Peloton is a popular fitness company that offers high-intensity cardio workouts on its stationary bikes. One of the most exciting and unique features of Peloton is the “high five” feature. High fives are a way for Peloton riders to interact with each other during their workout sessions.

In this article, we will explore how Peloton high five transforms your workout experience and why it has become such a beloved feature among Peloton users.

What Is The Peloton High Five Feature?

The Peloton high five feature allows riders to give virtual “high fives” to each other during their workout sessions. This can be done by tapping a button on the bike’s touchscreen or through the mobile app.

When a rider receives a high five, their screen will display a notification and their resistance will temporarily decrease to allow them to return the gesture.

How Does It Enhance Your Workout Experience?

The Peloton high five feature adds an element of social connection and motivation to your workout experience. By giving and receiving high fives, riders can feel a sense of camaraderie and support from their fellow Peloton community.

Motivation and encouragement:

The high five feature adds an element of motivation and encouragement to your workouts. It’s like having a virtual workout buddy cheering you on as you push through those tough intervals or climbs. Knowing that other riders are with you, pushing through the same challenges, can give you an extra boost of motivation.

Community and camaraderie:

The high five feature also helps create a sense of community and camaraderie among Peloton users. It’s a way to connect with others who share a passion for fitness and Peloton workouts. This can be especially beneficial for those who may not have access to a physical fitness community.

Friendly competition:

The high five feature can also add a competitive element to your workouts. You can challenge yourself to give and receive as many high fives as possible during a workout or compete with friends and followers on the Peloton leaderboard.

Why does Peloton’s High Five Matter?

Peloton High Five plays a significant role in enhancing the motivational aspect and community engagement of the workout experience.

Motivation is a critical element of any fitness regime; without it, sustaining effort and commitment becomes challenging. Peloton High Five addresses this by allowing users to encourage each other in real-time, lending a supportive and competitive edge to workouts.

This instant feedback mechanism can transform a routine exercise into a dynamic and interactive session, making the struggle of pushing through intense workouts more manageable and enjoyable.

Community engagement is another crucial aspect brought about by the High Five feature. It creates a virtual fitness community where members can interact, support, and motivate each other, replicating the camaraderie and solidarity found in physical workout classes.

This sense of belonging can significantly improve a user’s commitment to their fitness goals and enhance the overall enjoyment of the Peloton experience.

By building connections with fellow enthusiasts, users can feel part of a unified and supportive community, which is especially vital in times when physical interactions are limited.

How To Use Peloton High Fives Effectively?

Here are some tips to make the most out of the Peloton high five feature:

  • Give and receive high fives: Don’t be shy to give and receive high fives during your workouts. It’s a great way to connect with other riders and add some friendly competition to your sessions.
  • Use it as motivation: If you’re feeling tired or struggling during a workout, use the high five feature to motivate yourself. Seeing other riders giving you high fives can give you that extra push to keep going.
  • Join Peloton groups: Peloton has various group options, such as Facebook groups or in-app “tribes,” where riders can connect and support each other. Utilize these platforms to find like-minded individuals and give and receive high fives during your workouts.

Understanding The Mechanics Behind Peloton High Fives

The mechanics behind the high five feature are relatively simple. When a rider gives or receives a high five, their resistance temporarily decreases by about 25%. This allows them to return the gesture without interrupting their workout too much.

To give a high five, riders can tap “high five” on their touchscreen, and it will send a notification to the chosen rider. The notification will pop up on their screen, and they can tap “return” to send a high five back.

To effectively incorporate the Peloton high five feature into your workouts, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with how it operates.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to give and receive high fives during your Peloton sessions:

Step 1: Initiating a High Five

During a workout, you can send a high five to any participant by tapping on their name on the leaderboard. This action can be performed on both the bike’s touchscreen and the Peloton mobile app.

Step 2: Receiving a High Five

When you receive a high five, a notification appears on your screen. While it’s not mandatory to return a high five, doing so can enhance the community spirit and motivate both you and the sender.

Step 3: High Five Notifications

Pay attention to the high five notifications that pop up on your screen. These can be a great encouragement, especially during challenging parts of the workout.

Step 4: Multi-High Fives

You can send high fives to multiple people by simply tapping on several names on the leaderboard. This is a great way to spread positivity and encouragement among the Peloton community.

Step 5: Strategic High Fiving

Consider timing your high fives for moments when you or others might need an extra boost of motivation. During a tough climb or the final sprint, a high five can make all the difference.

Peloton High Five Etiquette

As with any community, there are certain etiquette rules to follow when using the Peloton high five feature. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Be respectful: Always be respectful when giving and receiving high fives. Don’t spam other riders or use the feature as a means of trolling.
  • Return high fives: If someone sends you a high five, it’s a good practice to return the gesture. It helps maintain the community spirit and motivates both parties.
  • Don’t interrupt your workout: While high fives are a fun addition to Peloton workouts, don’t let them interrupt or distract you from your session. Use them strategically during appropriate moments.
  • Spread positivity: The high five feature is all about spreading positivity and encouragement within the Peloton community. Use it to motivate others and be a good role model for new users.

Managing High Fives On Peloton

If you prefer not to receive high fives during your workouts, you have the option to disable them. You can do this by selecting “High Fives” on the leaderboard and toggling off the option to receive them.

Can You Stop High Fives On Peloton?

While the Peloton high five feature is designed to enhance connectivity and motivation among users, there might be times when you prefer not to receive high fives during your workouts.

Currently, Peloton does not offer a direct option to disable or stop high fives entirely. However, users seeking a more focused or undisturbed workout session can opt for a private profile setting, which can indirectly reduce the likelihood of receiving high fives.

This setting limits the visibility of your activity to others, thus naturally decreasing high five notifications.

Can You High Five On The Peloton App?

Yes, the high five feature is available on the Peloton app as well as on Peloton bikes and treads. This ensures that the sense of community and mutual motivation extends beyond the equipment, allowing app users to engage with and support each other regardless of their workout platform.

To send a high five on the app, simply tap on a user’s name in the live class leaderboard or on the on-demand leaderboard to send an encouraging gesture their way.

When Not To High Five On Peloton?

High fiving on Peloton is generally seen as a positive and encouraging action. However, there are times when it might be best to refrain from sending high fives.

During highly intensive moments of a workout, such as during a hard sprint or a steep climb, other users might prefer to maintain their focus without interruption.

Additionally, if you notice a user consistently does not return high fives, it might be a sign they prefer not to engage in this feature. Respecting others’ preferences and workout styles is key to fostering a supportive and considerate community.

Psychological Impact Of Peloton High Fives

Apart from being a fun and interactive aspect of the Peloton community, high fives also have a psychological impact on users.

Studies have shown that receiving positive reinforcement during physical activities can enhance motivation, improve performance, and increase enjoyment.

The high five feature on Peloton creates an environment of support and encouragement, which can be beneficial for both physical and mental well-being.

Social Support and Accountability

High fives within the Peloton community transcend mere physical gestures, becoming a potent source of social support and accountability. This simple act of acknowledgment can significantly foster a sense of belonging, making users feel part of a larger, supportive community.

The encouragement received from both giving and receiving high fives has the power to motivate individuals to push harder and reach their fitness goals, reinforcing the idea that they are not alone in their fitness journey.

Dopamine Boost: The Science Behind the High

The act of giving or receiving a high five during a workout does more than just offer a momentary lift in spirits; it triggers a neurological response that can enhance the exercise experience.

When participants exchange high fives, it can lead to the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with feelings of pleasure and satisfaction.

This dopamine boost not only elevates mood but also increases motivation and the overall enjoyment of the workout.

Delving into the science behind this, we uncover how positive reinforcement through social interaction enhances the physical activity, making the challenging process of working out more rewarding and enjoyable.

Strategies For Maximizing High Five Engagement

High fives in the Peloton community are not just about sending a quick gesture of support; they can be strategically utilized to enhance the overall workout experience.

Here are ways to get the most out of high fives:

Joining High Five Groups and Challenges

  • Actively participating in specific high five groups or challenges is a fantastic way to immerse yourself further into the Peloton community.
  • These groups often have thematic or goal-oriented workouts where members encourage each other through high fives, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual motivation. Look for community posts or announcements about upcoming challenges to join.

Timing and Frequency

  • To maximize the impact of high fives, consider the timing and frequency of your gestures. A good strategy is to send them during the beginning to motivate starters, in the middle as a push through the toughest sections, and near the end to celebrate the collective effort.
  • However, be mindful of not overdoing it to the point where it becomes a distraction for yourself or others. Moderation and context are key; a few well-timed high fives are more meaningful than a constant stream, potentially diluting the gesture’s significance.


The Peloton High Five feature adds an extra dimension of motivation and support to your workout experience. However, it is essential to respect others’ preferences and workout styles when engaging in this feature.

Utilizing high fives strategically can enhance their impact and contribute to a more enjoyable and rewarding exercise session. 

Additionally, if you find receiving high fives to be disruptive or prefer a more focused workout session, you can opt for a private profile setting. This setting limits the visibility of your activity to others, reducing the frequency of high five notifications.

Whether you choose to actively engage in high fiving or prefer to keep your workouts private, the Peloton community remains a supportive and inclusive space for all individuals striving towards their fitness goals.

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