Exploring: Does Orangetheory Have Childcare?

Orangetheory is a popular fitness studio that offers high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. It has gained a strong following in recent years due to its effective and efficient approach to fitness.

However, for parents who have young children, finding time to work out can be challenging. That’s why many wonder: does Orangetheory have childcare options? The answer is no, orangethoery doesn’t have childcare services, but it still offers plenty of options for parents looking to get their workout in while also taking care of their little ones.

Does Orangetheory Offer Childcare?

As mentioned, Orangetheory does not offer onsite childcare services. However, it does have programs and policies in place to support parents who want to work out at their studios. 

Types of Childcare Programs

Given that Orangetheory does not provide on-site childcare, there are no structured childcare programs or amenities available within the studios. Parents who are members of the Orangetheory community need to explore alternative childcare solutions to accommodate their workout schedules.

Virtual Workouts for Parents

For parents who can’t find a suitable time to work out at the studio, Orangetheory also offers virtual workout options. The Orangetheory at Home program allows members to access pre-recorded workouts that they can do from the comfort of their own homes.

This is a great option for parents who might have a hectic schedule or prefer to work out at home with their children around.

Availability of Childcare

Orangetheory Fitness Centers, despite their widespread popularity and commitment to helping members achieve their fitness goals, do not offer in-house childcare services. This decision aligns with the studio’s focus on providing high-intensity workouts without the additional complexities and responsibilities that come with managing childcare facilities.

Partnered Programs

Orangetheory has partnered with organizations such as Care.com and UrbanSitter to provide parents with options for childcare while they work out.

These partnerships allow parents to find and book reliable childcare services at a discounted rate. This can be especially helpful for parents who have young children or don’t have access to other childcare options.

Why Don’t They Have Childcare?

While it may seem like a missed opportunity for Orangetheory to not offer onsite childcare services, there are several reasons behind this decision.

Firstly, managing and maintaining childcare facilities can be a complex task that requires specific expertise and resources. By not offering childcare, Orangetheory can focus on providing high-quality workouts without spreading themselves thin.

Additionally, not all Orangetheory members are parents with young children. By not offering childcare services, the studio can keep its membership costs lower for everyone.

Finally, Orangetheory’s focus on high-intensity workouts may not be suitable for children under 14 years old. The environment and equipment used in classes may pose safety concerns for young children, making it more practical to have them wait outside the studio.

Policies Regarding Childcare At Orangetheory

Given the absence of onsite childcare services at Orangetheory, the policies around childcare are more about managing expectations and providing alternatives for parents.

However, the studio does have clear age-related guidelines for younger members attending classes and offers suggestions for external childcare solutions.

Age Restrictions

While Orangetheory itself does not offer childcare, it has set a minimum age of 14 years for children to participate in classes alongside their parents.

This policy ensures safety within the studio while allowing older children and teenagers to engage in fitness routines under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

For children under 14, as they are not permitted in the workout areas, parents need to arrange alternative childcare solutions during their workout sessions.

Booking Procedures

Since Orangetheory does not provide childcare services, there are no direct booking procedures for childcare through the studio itself. Instead, Orangetheory has partnered with external organizations like Care.com and UrbanSitter, facilitating members to find trusted childcare providers.

Parents interested in utilizing these services are encouraged to visit the respective websites of these partners, where they can create accounts, search for caregivers in their area, and book services directly.

Members may also be eligible for discounts or promotional offers through these partnerships, thereby reducing the cost of childcare while they attend their workout sessions.

Alternatives For Parents Without Orangetheory Childcare

For parents who want to work out at Orangetheory but cannot find suitable childcare options, there are still ways to make it work.

One option is to partner up with other parents in the same situation and take turns watching each other’s children while they attend classes. This can be a great way to support each other and ensure that everyone gets their workout in

Local Childcare Options

For parents looking to maintain their fitness routine without the convenience of Orangetheory childcare, exploring local childcare options may provide a viable solution. Many communities offer daycares or kids’ clubs with flexible hours to accommodate workout schedules.

Additionally, networking with other Orangetheory members might reveal shared childcare needs, opening up possibilities for cooperative childcare arrangements. Some fitness-minded parents have had success using local community centers or family members as reliable childcare solutions while they attend their sessions.

Parent-Friendly Workouts

For those unable to utilize Orangetheory’s childcare services or find suitable alternatives, parent-friendly workouts can be an excellent way to stay active. Many fitness platforms offer online classes that can be done at home and are flexible around a parent’s schedule.

From yoga sessions that include your children in the fun to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts during naptime, there are ample opportunities to stay fit. Additionally, taking advantage of parks and outdoor spaces for workouts can be both refreshing and accommodating for parents with young children.


Although Orangetheory does not provide childcare services at its fitness centers, the studio has several partnerships and policies in place to support parents with their workout goals.

From offering discounted external childcare options to creating age-related guidelines for children attending classes, Orangetheory strives to ensure a safe and accommodating environment for all members.

Additionally, there are alternative fitness options and solutions for parents who cannot access Orangetheory childcare or prefer to work out outside of the studio setting.

Ultimately, with a bit of creativity and support from other parents and community resources, managing childcare while attending Orangetheory workouts can be achieved successfully. 

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