Does Anytime Fitness Have Bench Press?

One of the most popular pieces of equipment in any gym is the bench press, and mastering the normal bench press form, including how to grip the bar and unrack safely, is crucial for safety and effectiveness. This exercise machine is used to strengthen and build overall upper body strength, particularly targeting the chest, shoulders, arms, and enhancing pectoral muscle growth.

When it comes to finding a gym that has all the necessary equipment for your workout routine, one question that may come to mind is: Does Anytime Fitness have a bench press to help build strength? It’s important for those looking to enhance their bench press grip and technique.

The short answer is yes, Anytime Fitness does have bench press equipment available at their gyms, among other essential pieces of equipment for a comprehensive exercise routine, including treadmills and machines targeting lower body strength.

Overview: Does Anytime Fitness Have Bench Press?

Anytime Fitness is a popular 24-hour gym chain with over 4,000 locations worldwide. They offer a variety of equipment and amenities for their members, including cardio machines, free weights, strength training equipment, and more. 

The availability of bench press equipment, a crucial piece of gym equipment for those wanting to try strength training, may vary depending on the specific location, but in general, most Anytime Fitness gyms have at least one.

Diverse Equipment Selection

Highlighting the range of strength training equipment typically available at Anytime Fitness, including machines, free weights, and functional training tools.

Anytime Fitness gyms are known for their comprehensive equipment selection, catering to a wide range of strength training needs, including those aiming to increase bench press weight and incorporate 6 tips for safe training.

From state-of-the-art machines specifically designed for targeted muscle groups to an ample variety of free weights, including dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells, members have access to everything they need for a full-body workout.

Additionally, Anytime Fitness also provides functional training tools like resistance bands, stability balls, and plyometric boxes, enabling users to incorporate a variety of exercises into their routines.


Discussing Anytime Fitness’s commitment to providing versatile equipment options to accommodate various fitness goals and preferences.

Anytime Fitness places a strong emphasis on adaptability, both in terms of its equipment offering and facility layout, ensuring members can increase bench press weight with ease and reduce the risk of injury.

Understanding that fitness goals and training preferences vary widely among their members, Anytime Fitness gyms are set up to support everything from weightlifting and bodybuilding to circuit training and functional fitness.

The presence of adjustable benches, squat racks that can be set up for different exercises, and multi-use cable machines ensures that regardless of your fitness regimen, you’ll find the necessary equipment to support your goals.

This approach not only caters to a broad member base but also encourages a culture of inclusivity and flexibility within their facilities, showing that the path to fitness is different for everyone.

How Can You Properly Adjust A Bench At Anytime Fitness?

Adjusting a bench at Anytime Fitness is a simple process that can be done in a few easy steps, ensuring you maintain proper form to prevent injury.

  1. Locate the lever or pin on the bench to adjust for your specific bench press grip, whether it’s a wide grip or a different position tailored to target the pectoral muscles effectively and maintain your heart rate in an optimal range. Most adjustable benches at Anytime Fitness have a lever or pin system that can be used to adjust the angle of the bench for a barbell loaded workout tailored to target the pectoral muscles effectively.
  2. Release the lever or pin and get started with your workout, using proper form to prevent injury and effectively build strength. If using a lever, push it down to release the lock. If using a pin, pull it out and hold onto it as you get started on your next exercise, always ensuring you’re working different muscle groups.
  3. Adjust the bench While holding onto the lever or pin, adjust the bench to your desired angle to maintain proper bench press form, ensuring your feet are on the ground to prevent injury.
  4. Secure the bench by ensuring it is positioned correctly for exercises targeting the lower body to the upper body, including the pectoral region, to prevent injury and help you build strength evenly. Once you have adjusted the bench, release the lever or reinsert the pin to lock it in place to ensure proper bench press form and reduce the risk of elbow injury.
  5. Test for stability Before using the bench, make sure to test it for stability by gently pushing or pulling on it to prevent injury. If it feels unstable, adjust the angle again until you feel comfortable, keeping your feet on the ground for added stability.

If you are unsure about how to adjust a bench at Anytime Fitness for the correct bench press form, don’t hesitate to ask a certified personal staff member for assistance.

They will be more than happy to show you how to properly use the equipment, ensuring your grip and posture directly under the barbell are correct, and offer advice on rest days for recovery.

Bench Press Equipment At Anytime Fitness: A Great Addition To Your Workout Routine

Having access to a bench press at Anytime Fitness, advised by a personal trainer, can be a great addition to your workout routine to build strength.

Not only does it provide an effective way to target multiple muscle groups, but it also offers versatility in terms of exercise variations and resistance levels, making it a key component of a comprehensive workout plan.

Furthermore, with the availability of diverse strength training equipment at Anytime Fitness, you can easily incorporate bench press into your overall workout routine and see the progress in your upper body strength over time.

Bench Press Stations

Anytime Fitness gyms are equipped with dedicated bench press stations, ensuring that members have the necessary equipment for a classic, highly effective bench press workout.

These stations are typically outfitted with adjustable benches, barbells, leg press machines, and a selection of weight plates, catering to both beginners and experienced lifters.

In addition to the standard setup, free weight areas also provide a selection of dumbbells, allowing for a variety of bench press exercises including dumbbell press variations; this is crucial for anyone looking to browse all categories of strength training.

The provision of these comprehensive stations reflects Anytime Fitness’s commitment to supporting strength training goals of all kinds, including those looking to improve their bench press form and build strength over time.


Recognizing the diverse needs and preferences of their membership, Anytime Fitness offers different variations of bench press benches, including flat, incline, and decline options, to practice the correct bench press form.

This variety allows users to target specific muscle groups more effectively, such as biceps and pectoral muscles, with exercises both inside and outside the gym, and incorporate variety into their workouts for optimal muscle growth.

The incline bench press, for example, places more emphasis on the upper chest and shoulders, while the decline bench press focuses on the lower chest muscles, both requiring proper bench press form to be effective.

The availability of these variations, including the use of a wide grip or directly under the barbell, ensures that members can execute a well-rounded chest workout tailored to their specific fitness goals.

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Alternatives To Bench Press At Anytime Fitness

While bench press is an effective exercise, it may not be suitable for everyone due to the potential risk of elbow injury, especially if not practicing a wide grip or directly under the barbell technique.

That’s why Anytime Fitness offers a diverse range of strength training equipment, including weight training pieces of equipment and training benches, to cater to different fitness goals and preferences.

If you are looking for alternatives to the bench press, here are some options to consider, yet remember to include a solid rep count just like the bench press works to track progress and minimize the risk of injury.

  • Chest Press Machine: An equipment piece designed to help you build strength in the pectoral muscles using a guided movement that’s safe and highly effective. Similar to bench press, chest press machines provide a guided movement and allow for varying resistance levels, helping you build pectoral strength in a controlled and highly effective manner.
  • Push-Ups: A fundamental exercise to incorporate into your workout plan for upper body strength. A classic bodyweight exercise that targets the chest, shoulders, and triceps with no equipment necessary, much like the bench press.
  • Resistance Band Chest Press: a valuable addition to workouts focusing on pectoral strength and muscle growth, can be an alternative to traditional bench press exercises. Using resistance bands can provide a challenging workout for your chest muscles while also incorporating stability and balance training; it’s important to integrate such versatility into your workout plan.
  • Dumbbell Flys: An essential part of your workout plan for chest development, complementing the bench press works for a diversified exercise routine. Another free weight exercise that targets the chest muscles in a different way than the bench press works.

With various options available, members can mix and match exercises to create a well-rounded workout routine that suits their individual needs, including increasing bench press weight with a focus on gripping the bar correctly.

Anytime Fitness’s commitment to adaptability ensures that members have access to the equipment and support they need to achieve their fitness goals, whether you’re looking for a leg press machine or aiming to refine your bench press grip. 

Overall, Anytime Fitness is dedicated to promoting inclusivity and flexibility in its facilities, making it a great option for individuals of all fitness levels and backgrounds, including those looking to increase the weight on their bench press. 

So whether your goal is to build muscle, improve overall strength, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, Anytime Fitness has the equipment and resources to help you succeed, including advice on how to increase bench press weight.

Anytime Fitness Facility Standards For Safe And Comfortable Workouts

In addition to providing a wide range of equipment, Anytime Fitness also maintains high standards for the safety and comfort of its members, including the implementation of emergency protocols to reduce the risk of injury.

This includes regular cleaning and maintenance of all equipment, as well as guidelines for proper gym etiquette to ensure a respectful and comfortable environment for everyone, whether you’re new or a seasoned gym-goer.

Anytime Fitness facilities also have emergency protocols in place and are equipped with first aid kits and defibrillators for any unforeseen situations, minimizing the risk of injury.

Moreover, the gym is accessible 24/7 through a secure key fob system, allowing members to work out at their convenience while also ensuring the safety of the facility.

Overall, these measures demonstrate Anytime Fitness’s dedication to creating a welcoming and safe space for all individuals to pursue their fitness goals, incorporating a variety of equipment like treadmills and pulley systems for comprehensive workouts.

Consistency Across Locations

Anytime Fitness prides itself on maintaining a uniform standard of equipment provision and its upkeep across all locations, ensuring each training bench and other pieces of equipment meet high safety standards. This consistency ensures that members can expect the same high-quality experience, whether they’re visiting a gym in their hometown or while traveling.

To achieve this, Anytime Fitness regularly audits its facilities, ensuring that all equipment, including treadmills, row machines, and pulley systems, is up to date, properly maintained, and meets safety standards.

This dedication to quality and consistency, including ensuring the proper setup and usage of pulleys and treadmills, not only enhances the workout experience but also reinforces the trust members place in the Anytime Fitness brand.

Member Feedback

Recognizing the value of community input, Anytime Fitness strongly encourages its members to share their feedback regarding equipment preferences, suggestions for gym improvements, and overall user experience.

This feedback can be provided directly to local Anytime Fitness staff through suggestion boxes, dedicated email addresses, or even personal conversations, ensuring AF remains attuned to member needs and preferences for inside and outside gym activities.

Understanding that member satisfaction—rooted in using proper form and preventing injury—drives the continual evolution of its facilities, Anytime Fitness views feedback as an essential component of its growth and adaptation strategy. Related articles on their website share success stories, tips, and strategies to overcome plateaus.

By fostering an open dialogue and ensuring gym equipment meets the needs and wishes of its diverse member base, Anytime Fitness improves the overall fitness environment, helping members build strength effectively.


In conclusion, Anytime Fitness offers an extensive range of equipment for those looking to incorporate bench presses into their workout regimen, helping members increase bench press weight effectively.

With a variety of bench press stations, including adjustable benches for flat, incline, and decline exercises, members can specifically target muscle groups, ensuring a comprehensive chest workout that incorporates proper elbow positioning.

For those seeking alternatives, Anytime Fitness provides a selection of other equipment and exercises to suit different preferences and fitness goals, including rest days recommendations for recovery.

This commitment to diversity and inclusion in strength training options underscores Anytime Fitness’s mission to cater to the fitness needs of all its members, making it a conducive environment for both beginners and experienced lifters alike.

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