Can You Use My Anytime Fitness Membership At Any Location?

Anytime Fitness is a popular gym chain with over 4,000 locations worldwide, each location is independently owned and operated, ensuring a unique experience at each club. With so many locations, it’s common for members to wonder if their gym membership can be used at any of them, especially at participating Anytime Fitness locations.

The short answer is yes, but there are some exceptions and limitations that you should be aware of. In this article, we’ll go over the details of using your Anytime Fitness membership at different locations.

How You Got Anytime Fitness Membership?

Before we dive into the details, let’s quickly go over how you can become a member of Anytime Fitness. The process is fairly straightforward and can be done online or in person at one of their locations during staffed hours.

First, you’ll need to find a nearby Anytime Fitness gym using their location finder on the website. Once you’ve found the gym that works best for you, you can either visit the gym in person or sign up online.

If you choose to sign up in person, a staff member will guide you through the process and help you select a membership plan that suits your needs. If you prefer to sign up online, you can fill out the membership form and make payment through their secure portal.

Once your gym membership is activated, you’ll receive a key fob that will grant you access to the gym 24/7, including your local Anytime Fitness which is independently owned. This convenient feature is one of the main reasons why Anytime Fitness has become so popular.

How To Use Your Membership at Different Locations?

Now that you have your Anytime Fitness gym membership, you may wonder if you can use it anywhere, particularly in any participating Anytime Fitness. The answer is yes, with some exceptions.

According to the Anytime Fitness website, a standard membership allows you access to any of their clubs worldwide. However, some locations may have additional fees or requirements for amenities such as tanning beds or group classes. It’s best to check with your local gym before using these services at a different location.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Anytime Fitness has both corporate-owned and franchised locations. These locations may have different policies, so it’s important to clarify with the specific gym before using your gym membership there.

Multi-Club Access

If you frequently travel or live near multiple Anytime Fitness locations, you might want to consider upgrading to a multi-club gym membership that is valid at participating locations, as detailed in the FAQs. This option allows you access to all clubs worldwide without any additional fees.

To upgrade your membership, simply speak to the staff at your home gym and they will assist you in making the necessary changes. Keep in mind that this upgrade may come with a higher monthly fee, and it’s wise to review your gym membership agreement for any additional details or potential need to cancel.

Multi-Club Memberships

Multi-club memberships present a significant advantage for those who travel frequently or have an unpredictable schedule. By having the flexibility to access multiple Anytime Fitness locations, including those independently owned and operated, members are not tied down to one specific location and can maintain their fitness routine without interruption.

This level of accessibility ensures that regardless of where you are in the world, you can find an Anytime Fitness gym nearby, making it easier to stay committed to your fitness goals. Furthermore, this benefit supports a consistent workout regime, which is crucial for achieving long-term health and fitness objectives and can be enjoyed at participating locations.


The convenience of being able to work out at any Anytime Fitness club, especially those that are independently owned and operated, cannot be overstated. Whether you’re traveling for business, on vacation, or even relocating to a new city, the multi-club access ensures that your fitness routine can continue seamlessly.

This eliminates the common barrier of finding a new gym and going through the sign-up process all over again, especially since your membership is valid at participating locations. For those with dynamic lifestyles, this feature not only offers flexibility but also provides a sense of continuity and stability in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, regardless of changes in location or schedule.

Accessing Anytime Fitness Locations With Guests

As a member of Anytime Fitness, you may also have the option to bring guests with you to work out, provided they have a valid ID and you have received prior consent from your home club. The website states that each location has its own policy on guest access, so it’s best to check with your home gym for specific details.

Some locations may allow guests to visit for free, while others, particularly independently owned and operated ones, may charge a fee or require visitors to accept the terms of their own day pass. This policy may also vary depending on the type of your monthly membership.

Check-In Process

When visiting any Anytime Fitness club, members are required to check in to gain access to the facilities. This seamless check-in process utilizes either a key fob or the Anytime Fitness mobile app, ensuring you can access your local gym without hassle.

Upon arrival, members simply scan their key fob or use the app at the designated check-in area, usually located at the club’s entrance of your local Anytime Fitness. This system ensures security and convenience, allowing members to access the gym facilities at any time, day or night, without needing staff assistance.

An error occurred during generation. Please try again or contact support if it continues, or you may want to review your gym membership agreement for more details, especially concerning cancellation policies. also allows for easy tracking of member attendance and usage for club management.

Guest Passes

Anytime Fitness offers guest passes for non-members to try out their facilities. If you have family or friends visiting from out of town, they can accompany you to the gym using a guest pass. However, this privilege is limited to one visit per person every six months.

To obtain a guest pass, you can either request one from your home gym or have a member send you an invite through the Anytime Fitness mobile app. Keep in mind that guests must be 18 years or older and must sign a waiver before using the facilities.

Can You Work Out Anytime, Anywhere In The World?

One of the major benefits of being a member of Anytime Fitness is the freedom to work out at any time and at any location. With 24/7 access to all their clubs, including those independently owned and operated, you no longer have to worry about finding a gym that fits your schedule or staying on track with your fitness goals while traveling.

This level of flexibility allows you to maintain a consistent workout routine, which is crucial for long-term progress and results. It also eliminates excuses for not being able to make it to the gym due to time constraints or location limitations.

So whether you’re at home, traveling for business or pleasure, or even living in a new city, Anytime Fitness ensures that you have access to their facilities and can continue working towards your fitness goals. With their wide network of clubs worldwide, you can truly work out anytime and anywhere in the world with an Anytime Fitness membership.

What Are The Member Benefits and Amenities At Anytime?

Apart from the convenience and flexibility of 24/7 access to their facilities worldwide, Anytime Fitness also offers various member benefits and amenities to enhance your workout experience, which you can learn more about through consenting to receive marketing communications.

Personal Training

Many Anytime Fitness locations offer personal training services with certified trainers during staffed hours. These one-on-one sessions can help you reach your fitness goals faster by providing personalized workout plans and guidance.

Consistent Experience

One of the key benefits of a gym membership with Anytime Fitness is the assurance of a uniform and high-quality experience across all clubs, reflecting that each fitness location is independently owned yet maintains high standards. This consistency is vital, as it allows members to seamlessly continue their fitness routines without having to adjust to different equipment or standards in each location, ensuring that each fitness location is independently owned yet uniformly excellent.

Anytime Fitness strives to ensure that whether a member is visiting a club close to home or halfway around the world, the quality of amenities – from the availability of fitness equipment to the cleanliness of the facilities – remains consistently excellent.

Community Connection

Beyond just providing a space for physical exercise, Anytime Fitness clubs are community hubs where members can connect, share their journeys, and support each other, all under the banner of their gym membership. This sense of belonging and community is fostered regardless of which club you’re visiting.

It’s this connection that often becomes a significant motivator for members, encouraging regular attendance and fostering a positive, inclusive environment.

Group fitness classes, social events, and community outreach programs further emphasize this, strengthening the bonds between members across the global network of Anytime Fitness clubs.

Final Thoughts

The popularity of Anytime Fitness can be attributed to many factors, including its convenient access to locations around the world. By offering multi-club memberships and guest passes, they cater to individuals with dynamic lifestyles and make it easier to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

So if you’re considering joining Anytime Fitness, be sure to explore all gym membership options and take advantage of their convenient access policies for the ultimate fitness experience.

Remember, staying committed to your health and wellness journey is made easier with Anytime Fitness by your side.  So why wait? You’re almost there to achieve your fitness goals. Please use this opportunity to explore the benefits that come with your gym membership.

Explore frequently asked questions or start a membership inquiry today with your local Anytime Fitness. Start working towards your fitness goals with Anytime Fitness today and remember to review your membership agreement carefully to understand your benefits. 

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