Simplifying the Process: How To Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership?

One of the biggest frustrations for gym-goers is trying to figure out how to cancel their membership. Whether it’s due to moving, financial reasons, or simply not using the gym enough, canceling a membership can be a daunting task. This is especially true for popular gyms like Anytime Fitness which have strict cancellation policies.

Luckily, there are ways to simplify the process and make canceling your Anytime Fitness membership a breeze.

  • Review your membership agreement to understand cancellation terms.
  • Contact your local Anytime Fitness branch to initiate cancellation.
  • Follow the gym’s specific cancellation procedure.
  • Confirm cancellation and any associated fees.
  • Monitor your billing to ensure successful cancellation.

Steps to do to Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership

There are the following steps you need to do to cancel your anytime fitness membership:

Step 1: Review Your Membership Agreement

Before making any decisions, it is important to review your membership agreement with Anytime Fitness. This document outlines the terms and conditions of your membership, including any cancellation policies. Make sure you understand what is required of you before proceeding with the cancellation process.

Step 2: Contact Your Home Club

The first step to canceling your Anytime Fitness membership is to contact your home club. You can do this in person or via phone or email. It is recommended to speak with a staff member directly so they can assist you with the process and answer any questions you may have.

Step 3: Fill Out a Cancellation Form

After speaking with a staff member, you must fill out a cancellation form. This can usually be done in person at your home club, or some clubs may allow you to submit the form online. Make sure to provide all necessary information and follow any instructions provided by the staff.

Step 4: Provide Proper Notice

Most Anytime Fitness clubs require a written notice of cancellation, typically 30 days in advance. Make sure to provide the required notice and keep a copy for your records. This will ensure that your membership is officially canceled and you are not charged any additional fees.

Step 5: Return Your Access Key and Cancel Auto-Payments

Once your cancellation form has been processed, make sure to return your access key/fob to the club and cancel any auto-payments that may be linked to your membership. This will ensure that you are not charged any fees after your cancellation date.

Step 6: Follow Up and Keep Proof

It is always a good idea to follow up with your home club to confirm that your membership has been canceled. Additionally, make sure to keep proof of your cancellation in case of any discrepancies in the future. This could include a copy of your cancellation form, written confirmation from the club, or bank statements showing that auto payments have been stopped.

How To Cancel Anytime Fitness Membership In Just 3 Easy Ways?

Cancel anytime fitness membership | Medixify

Before attempting to cancel your Anytime Fitness membership, it’s important to review your membership agreement.

This will outline the terms and conditions for canceling and may also provide insight into any fees or penalties associated with early cancellation.

In-Person Cancellation

To cancel your Anytime Fitness membership in person, start by visiting your local branch where you initially signed up. It’s vital to have your membership ID and a written cancellation request, including your name, address, and reason for canceling.

Speak directly with a staff member or the manager to submit your cancellation request. They might try to offer incentives to stay, but if you’re set on canceling, stay firm in your decision. Ensure you receive a confirmation of cancellation in writing before leaving to avoid any future billing issues.

Phone Cancellation Procedure

If you prefer speaking to a staff member directly, you may choose to cancel your Anytime Fitness membership over the phone. This process is relatively straightforward; all you have to do is call your home club and ask to speak with someone from the membership department.

Once connected, inform them of your intentions to cancel and follow any instructions given. They might ask for some personal information to verify your identity and membership. Again, make sure to keep any proof of cancellation provided by the staff.

Remote Cancellation

For those who cannot visit an Anytime Fitness gym in person, canceling remotely is a viable option. This can often be done in three ways:

  • Email: Send a detailed email to the branch’s official email address you signed up with. Include all relevant information such as your full name, membership ID, and the reason for canceling. Ask for a confirmation email as proof of the request.
  • Phone: Call the gym directly, requesting to speak to the manager or someone in charge of cancellations. Clearly state your intention to cancel, providing all necessary membership details. Request a confirmation number or email for your records.
  • Online Portal: Some Anytime Fitness gyms offer an online cancellation process through their website or app. Log in to your account to check if this option is available, follow the provided steps, and keep a screenshot or email confirmation of the cancellation request.

Understanding The Membership Cancellation Policies

It’s important to understand that Anytime Fitness has a strict cancellation policy in place. This is to ensure the stability and consistency of their membership base.

Typically, there is a minimum commitment period for memberships, usually 12 months. If you cancel before this period ends, you may be subject to an early termination fee.

Furthermore, canceling outside of the minimum commitment period may still require a written notice, usually 30 days in advance. Failure to provide proper notice may result in additional billing cycles and fees.

Some Anytime Fitness gyms also have an option for freezing memberships temporarily instead of canceling. This allows members to pause their membership for a specific period, such as during injury or travel, without incurring any penalties or fees.

Does Anytime Fitness Have the Option of Pausing Your Membership?

Yes, Anytime Fitness does offer the option to pause your membership under certain circumstances. This feature is particularly beneficial for members experiencing short-term changes that prevent them from utilizing their membership, such as temporary relocation, extended travel, or medical reasons.

The terms for pausing a membership, including duration and eligibility, may vary by location due to the franchised nature of the gyms.

Members interested in this option should directly contact their home club to inquire about the specific provisions and any associated fees for freezing their membership. This flexibility can provide a convenient solution without the need to cancel your membership entirely.

Does Anytime Fitness Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Anytime Fitness does offer a free trial for interested individuals to try out their facilities and services. This is a great opportunity to get a feel for the gym before committing to a membership.

Free trials typically last 7 days, but this may vary by location. Individuals must be at least 18 years old and present valid photo identification to participate in the trial.

It’s important to note that free trials do not automatically convert into memberships, so individuals must sign up and agree to the membership terms separately if they wish to continue using the gym.

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Providing Notice of Cancellation

Once your cancellation request has been submitted and processed, it’s essential to monitor your billing statements carefully. Anytime Fitness recommends keeping a copy of the written confirmation and proof of return if canceling by mail.

If you notice any discrepancies in billing or continue receiving membership charges after the cancellation period, immediately contact the gym to address the issue. It’s also advisable to keep a record of any communication with the club regarding your cancellation request.

Required Notice Period

When planning to cancel your Anytime Fitness membership, it is critical to be aware of the required notice period. Most Anytime Fitness locations mandate a 30-day notice for cancellations.

This means your cancellation request must be submitted well in advance of your next billing cycle to avoid being charged for an additional month.

Understanding and adhering to this notice period is crucial to ensure a smooth cancellation process and to avoid extra fees.

Documentation and Confirmation

Ensuring you have proper documentation and confirmation of your cancellation request is essential. Whether you cancel in person, by email, or by phone, always ask for written confirmation of your cancellation.

This documentation should include the date of cancellation and any relevant details discussed during the cancellation process.

Retaining proof of communication safeguards you against possible disputes over whether the cancellation request was made according to the terms of your membership agreement.

Handling Financial Obligations After Cancellation

Handling Financial Obligations After Cancellation at anytime fitness membership

After submitting a cancellation request, it’s essential to fulfill any remaining financial obligations to Anytime Fitness. This may include final membership dues, outstanding fees, or penalties for early termination.

Additionally, if you have automatic payments set up with your bank or credit card company, be sure to cancel them as well. Failure to do so could result in unexpected charges even after your membership has been canceled.

Understanding and adhering to the terms of your membership agreement will help ensure a smooth and stress-free cancellation process with Anytime Fitness. 

So, before signing up for a membership, make sure to carefully read and understand all policies regarding cancellations. This way, you can be prepared in case you need to cancel your membership in the future.

Settlement of Dues and Fees

Members who have met all financial obligations and provided proper notice of cancellation can expect their membership to be terminated at the end of the current billing cycle. Any unused payments or credits will typically be credited back to the member’s account.

However, if you have any outstanding dues or fees, your cancellation may not be processed until these obligations are settled. Be sure to address any unpaid balances promptly to avoid delays in the cancellation process.

This includes the final month’s payment if applicable under your contract terms, and any other outstanding balances such as fees for services or penalties for late payments. Ensure that these financial obligations are cleared to avoid complications or additional fees.

Contacting the gym’s billing department can provide you with a detailed breakdown of any amounts owed and guide you through the payment process to ensure a clean slate before cancellation.

Cancellation Fee Considerations

When canceling a membership, particularly before the end of the contract term, you may encounter an early termination fee. This fee is often a portion of the remaining dues for the contract period or a predefined amount stipulated in the membership agreement.

To mitigate potential cancellation fees, review your contract for any clauses that allow fee waivers under specific circumstances such as medical issues or relocation.

Additionally, negotiating with the gym’s manager can sometimes result in lowering or waiving the fee, especially if you’ve been a long-term member or have encountered significant issues with the service.

Addressing Membership Freeze Options

Aside from canceling your membership, Anytime Fitness also offers the option to freeze your account temporarily. This is a viable solution for members experiencing short-term circumstances that prevent them from utilizing their membership but plan on returning in the future.

During a membership freeze, you will not be charged any dues or fees, and your membership will not be terminated. Once the freeze period ends, your membership will automatically resume, and billing will continue as normal.

However, the process for freezing a membership may vary by location. Some locations may allow members to freeze their accounts online, while others require an in-person visit or written request. It’s essential to confirm the process with your home club and understand any associated fees or duration limitations.

Considerations for Freezing a Membership

Before deciding to freeze your membership, it’s crucial to consider the potential implications. Freezing a membership does not extend the contract term or pause payments indefinitely.

Instead, any time frozen will be added to the end of your current contract period, extending your commitment and delaying the opportunity to cancel without penalty.

Additionally, freezing a membership may also impact other benefits such as access to certain facilities or services, so it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a decision.

Temporarily Suspending Membership

Instead of opting for outright cancellation, Anytime Fitness members have the alternative to temporarily freeze their membership. This option is suitable for individuals facing short-term interruptions that prevent gym attendance, such as injury, illness, or extended travel.

To initiate a membership freeze, members must contact their home club directly, expressing the reason for the suspension and the expected length of time.

It’s important to note that the ability to freeze your membership may depend on the specific terms and agreements of your local Anytime Fitness Club.

Documentation supporting the reason for the freeze, such as a doctor’s note for medical reasons, may also be required.

Freeze Duration and Terms

The duration for which a member can freeze their Anytime Fitness membership varies by location, but it generally ranges from one month to several months. Some clubs may impose a minimum and maximum freeze duration.

Additionally, there might be a nominal fee associated with initiating a freeze to maintain the membership status during the suspension period.

Members must understand the specific terms and conditions related to freezing their memberships, including any fees involved, how long the freeze can last, and under what conditions the membership can be reactivated.

Members are encouraged to discuss these details directly with their home club to ensure compliance and to avoid any misunderstandings.

Dealing with Anytime Fitness Customer Service

Dealing with Anytime Fitness Customer Service For Canceling Membership

If you encounter any issues during the cancellation or freeze process, it’s essential to address them promptly and directly with the Anytime Fitness customer service team.

You can reach out to their customer support through various channels such as phone, email, or by visiting a local club in person. Be sure to provide your membership details and thoroughly explain your concerns for a swift resolution.

Contacting Anytime Fitness Support

To ensure a smooth communication channel with Anytime Fitness, members are encouraged to direct their queries or concerns to the dedicated customer service team.

The primary method of contact is through their official website, where you can find a customer support section. Alternatively, members can reach out via telephone or email, both of which are listed under the “Contact Us” section of the Anytime Fitness website.

Each club also has a direct line and specific email address for more localized issues or questions. It’s beneficial for members to have their membership details on hand when contacting support to expedite the process.

Seeking Clarification

Navigating the terms of your membership, especially regarding cancellation, can sometimes be complex. Anytime Fitness encourages members to proactively seek clarification on any doubts or concerns they may have.

This can relate to understanding the cancellation process, inquiring about fees, or discussing the options for freezing a membership. Direct communication with customer service or your home club’s staff can provide the necessary information and guidance.

Members are advised not to hesitate to ask questions, ensuring they have all the information needed to make informed decisions about their membership status.


Canceling or freezing an Anytime Fitness membership is possible but requires adherence to specific terms and conditions. By understanding the process and communicating directly with customer service or your home club, you can navigate these options effectively.

Additionally, considering alternatives such as negotiating with management or temporarily suspending your membership may provide a more suitable solution for your particular circumstances.

Remember to always seek clarification and consider the potential implications before making any decisions regarding your Anytime Fitness membership. So, stay fit and informed! Keep reaching for your fitness goals with Anytime Fitness. 

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