Does Anytime Fitness Have A Pool?

Anytime Fitness is one of the largest gym chains in the world, with over 4,000 locations across 50 countries. With such a wide reach, it’s no surprise that many people wonder if their local Anytime Fitness location has a pool.

The short answer is no,  most Anytime Fitness locations do not have a pool. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

Some Anytime Fitness locations may have small lap pools or hydrotherapy pools for therapeutic purposes, but these are not common. The majority of Anytime Fitness gyms focus on providing traditional gym equipment and classes rather than having extensive aquatic facilities.

Why Doesn’t Anytime Fitness Have Pools?

There are a few reasons why most Anytime Fitness locations do not have pools. Firstly, space and cost constraints may make it difficult for these gyms to accommodate a large pool. Many Anytime Fitness locations are in urban areas or strip malls where space is limited, and building and maintaining a pool can be expensive.

Moreover, Anytime Fitness has branded itself as a gym that offers 24/7 access and convenience, which may not align with the maintenance needs of a pool. Pools require regular cleaning and monitoring to maintain proper sanitation levels, which can be challenging for a gym that is open around the clock.

Additionally, Anytime Fitness focuses on providing a comfortable and non-intimidating environment for its members. For some people, swimming can be a daunting activity, and having a pool may deter them from joining or visiting the gym.

Future Prospects: Will Anytime Fitness Include Pools?

While most Anytime Fitness locations do not currently have pools, this may change in the future. The company has been expanding its offerings beyond traditional gyms to include more specialized services such as group classes and personal training.

In some markets, Anytime Fitness has also partnered with other businesses to offer additional amenities, such as tanning beds or physical therapy services. It is possible that in the future, some Anytime Fitness locations may include pools as part of these partnerships or as a way to differentiate themselves from other gyms.

Overall, while Anytime Fitness may not have pools at most of its locations currently, it is clear that the company is open to evolving and adapting to meet the needs and preferences of its members.

Whether or not pools become a more common feature at Anytime Fitness gyms, one thing is for sure: the company will continue to prioritize convenience, accessibility, and inclusivity in its offerings.  So while a pool may not be available at your local Anytime Fitness gym now, there’s always a possibility for it in the future.

So if you’re someone who loves swimming or wants to incorporate it into your fitness routine, don’t let the lack of a pool at Anytime Fitness deter you. There are many other gyms and fitness centers that offer swimming facilities that may better suit your needs and preferences.

Additionally, with the rise of home workout options and virtual classes, you can also find plenty of online resources for incorporating swimming into your fitness regimen.

What Relaxing Amenities Does Anytime Fitness Offer?

Despite the lack of swimming pools, Anytime Fitness understands the importance of relaxation and recovery in a fitness routine. For members looking to unwind after a workout or just take a break, the gym offers several amenities tailored to relaxation and comfort.


After a vigorous workout session, members can refresh and rejuvenate with on-site showers. These clean, private spaces offer a convenient way to transition from gym time back to daily life without skipping a beat, ensuring that members leave feeling clean and relaxed.

Massage Chairs

Anytime Fitness also offers massage chairs at some locations, giving members the opportunity to relax and soothe their muscles after a tough workout. These chairs target various areas of the body, providing an effective way to relieve tension and promote recovery.

Tanning Beds

Selected Anytime Fitness locations, adhering to a holistic approach to wellness and appearance, provide tanning bed services. This relaxing amenity allows members to maintain a sun-kissed glow year-round, conveniently located within the facility.


For those looking to relieve muscle tension and reduce stress, Anytime Fitness offers HydroMassage at certain locations. This innovative service uses water pressure to deliver a relaxing, full-body massage, an excellent way for members to pamper themselves after a workout or during a rest day.

Alternatives To Anytime Fitness With Pools

While Anytime Fitness offers an excellent array of amenities, those keen on swimming as part of their fitness routine may consider other gym chains renowned for their aquatic facilities. Here are three alternatives that feature pools.

Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime Fitness is known for its resort-like experience, and many of its locations boast expansive indoor and outdoor pool complexes complete with lap lanes, leisure pools, and water slides for the family. Well-maintained and often featuring poolside cafés, these amenities make Lifetime a premium choice for aquatic enthusiasts.


The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) has been an iconic provider of recreational services for over a century. Along with its diverse range of fitness classes, the organization prides itself on providing pools and aquatic facilities to members worldwide. These include indoor and outdoor pools, water slides, and hot tubs, as well as swim lessons for all ages.

Gold’s Gym

While primarily known for its strength training equipment, Gold’s Gym also offers a variety of amenities, including pools. Some Gold’s Gym locations feature lap pools for swimming workouts, while others have larger leisure pools for family fun. Members can also take advantage of aqua fitness classes offered at select locations.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness provides a robust selection of amenities, with many locations housing full-size indoor pools that accommodate lap swimmers and aquatic classes. The availability of pools varies by location, so it’s advised to check with your local LA Fitness center for specific facilities.

24 Hour Fitness

A popular option for those with unpredictable schedules, 24 Hour Fitness offers 24-hour access to its facilities, including pools in many locations. Typically, these are indoor pools suitable for lap swimming and water aerobics, presenting another viable alternative for swimming aficionados.

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Benefits Of Having A Pool In A Gym Anytime Fitness

While it is not currently a common feature at Anytime Fitness gyms, having a pool on-site can offer several benefits to both members and the gym itself. Here are some of the advantages:

Low-Impact Workout Option

Swimming is an excellent form of low-impact exercise that still provides a full-body workout. It can be an ideal alternative for those with joint issues or injuries, as the water helps alleviate pressure on the joints while still providing resistance for muscle strengthening.

Variety in Workouts

Having a pool at the gym adds variety to members’ workout routines. This can be especially appealing for those who may get bored with traditional gym equipment and classes. Swimming offers an alternative way to work out different muscle groups while also improving cardiovascular endurance and overall fitness.

Attracts New Members

Offering a pool can also attract new members, particularly families with children or those interested in aquatic activities. This can help to increase gym membership and revenue, benefiting both the gym and its members.

Competitive Edge

Having a pool at the gym can give it a competitive edge over other fitness centers that do not offer this amenity. It can help to differentiate Anytime Fitness from its competitors and attract potential members looking for a gym with more diverse offerings.

Understanding Anytime Fitness’ Popularity Despite Lack Of Pool Amenities

Despite not having pool amenities, Anytime Fitness remains a popular choice for gym-goers. This is due to several factors that make it stand out in the fitness industry:


One of Anytime Fitness’ primary appeals is its 24/7 access and convenience. Members can work out at any time of day or night, according to their schedule, making it an appealing option for those with busy or unconventional schedules.

Small Group Training

Anytime Fitness also offers small group training sessions, providing a more personalized and cost-effective alternative to one-on-one personal training. This allows members to receive professional guidance and support while also connecting with other like-minded individuals in a smaller, more intimate setting.

Welcoming Atmosphere

At Anytime Fitness, members can feel welcomed and supported by the gym staff and other members. The company prides itself on its friendly and non-intimidating atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for those who may be new to fitness or hesitant to join a traditional gym.

Focus on Holistic Wellness

Other than just providing top-of-the-line fitness equipment, Anytime Fitness also focuses on overall wellness by offering virtual classes, nutrition coaching, and mental health resources. This holistic approach to fitness sets the gym apart from others in the industry, appealing to those looking for a well-rounded fitness experience.

Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Anytime Fitness Pool Amenities

While having a pool at Anytime Fitness may offer several benefits, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider. Here is a summary of the pros and cons:

Low-impact workout optionMay not be available at all locations
Variety in workoutsAdditional cost for maintenance and upkeep
Attracts new membersNot a primary focus of the gym’s offerings
Competitive edge for the gym


In conclusion, while Anytime Fitness may not currently offer pool amenities, it remains a popular choice for gym-goers due to its convenience, small group training options, welcoming atmosphere, and holistic approach to wellness.

However, adding pools to some or all of its locations could potentially attract more members and offer additional benefits for those interested in swimming as part of their fitness routine.

As with any decision, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons and consider what would be best for both the gym and its members. 

So, Anytime Fitness should take into consideration all these factors before making a decision on whether or not to add pools to their facilities.

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