What Is Dri Tri At Orangetheory? – (You Need To Know)

Dri Tri at Orangetheory Fitness is a unique and challenging fitness event designed to assess your endurance, strength, and power. It’s a distinctive facet of Orangetheory’s dynamic fitness offerings, breaking the mold of traditional exercise routines.

For those who are unfamiliar, you might be asking, “What is Dri Tri at Orangetheory?” Let’s delve into this compelling fitness concept and its potential benefits.

What is the Orangetheory Dri-Tri?

The Orangetheory DriTri is a fitness challenge designed to test your strength, endurance, and power. Comprising three components – rowing, treadmill, and weight room exercises – it is a benchmark event that takes place twice a year in Orangetheory studios worldwide.

The DriTri is structured as a 2000-meter row, a 300 bodyweight rep exercise, and a 5k (3.1 miles) run on the treadmill, completed in that order.

This challenge is designed to push participants to their limits, offering an exhilarating and rewarding experience that embodies the spirit of Orangetheory’s high-intensity training philosophy.

Components of the Dri-Tri

The DriTri at Orangetheory is a popular fitness challenge that is divided into three primary components:

  1. Treadmill: Participants commence the DriTri with a run on the treadmill. This is a 2000-meter run for most participants, but a 1,000-meter option is also available for beginners or those with physical restrictions.
  2. Rowing: Post the treadmill session, individuals move onto the rowing machine, where they row a distance of 300 meters. This segment tests participants’ stamina and strength, providing a full-body workout.
  3. Floor Exercises: The final component of the DriTri is a series of floor exercises, which includes a variety of body weight exercises such as burpees, step-ups, and more. This section consists of 300 repetitions in total, making it a rigorous strength and endurance test.

Each of these components is designed to test the strength, endurance, and determination of the participants, ensuring a well-rounded fitness challenge.

How to Prepare for the Orangetheory Dri-Tri

  1. Ramp up your training: Increase the frequency of your Orangetheory classes leading up to the DriTri. Aim to attend at least 3-4 sessions per week to build up your endurance.
  2. Practice rowing technique: The DriTri begins with a 2000-meter row, so honing your rowing technique can shave off crucial minutes from your overall time.
  3. Incorporate strength training: The DriTri includes floor exercises that target different muscle groups. Make sure your workout routine includes strength training exercises to enhance your muscle power and endurance.
  4. Improve running endurance: DriTri ends with a 5K run. Start incorporating long-duration runs into your workout regimen to improve your running endurance.
  5. Prioritize hydration and nutrition: Ensure you’re properly nourished and hydrated leading up to the event. Consuming a balanced diet rich in protein and complex carbs will help in muscle recovery and energy production.
  6. Rest and recovery: While training hard is crucial, so is giving your body adequate time to rest and recover. Ensure you’re getting enough sleep and consider incorporating active recovery sessions into your training.
  7. Mindset and Mental Preparation: Prepare yourself mentally for the challenge. Visualize each leg of the race, set realistic goals, and practice positive self-talk to boost your morale during the race.

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Common Questions About the Orangetheory Dri-Tri

Eligibility and Participation: Dri Tri at Orangetheory is open to all current members, regardless of fitness level or experience. Participants must be at least 14 years old and have a signed waiver on file. Beginners and experienced members alike are encouraged to partake.

 Modifications for Beginners: Recognizing that fitness levels vary, Orangetheory offers modifications for beginners to ensure everyone can participate in the Dri Tri challenges. The ‘Half Dri-Tri’ option includes a 1000-meter row, 150 bodyweight repetitions, and a 1.55-mile run, providing a less intense version of the standard challenge.

Policies, Costs, and Registration Details: Registration is typically done at the local Orangetheory studio and the cost varies, so it’s best to check with your specific location. Cancellation policies also depend on the specific studio, but generally, refunds are not provided after a certain date.

Prizes and Rewards: Orangetheory rewards all Dri Tri participants with a medal upon completion. Additionally, there are prizes for top performers in each age group, including trophies and Orangetheory merchandise. The greatest reward, however, is the sense of accomplishment and fitness improvement experienced by all participants.

Importance Of Participating In The Dri-Tri Challenge

The DriTri challenge at Orangetheory is more than just a test of physical endurance; it’s an opportunity for personal growth, camaraderie, and community. Participating in the DriTri challenge empowers individuals to push beyond their comfort zones, fostering resilience and self-confidence.

The challenge serves as a platform to benchmark personal fitness progress, set new goals, and celebrate achievements. Moreover, it provides a sense of camaraderie as participants cheer each other on, fostering a supportive and motivational atmosphere.

Therefore, the DriTri is not only a test of physical strength but also a celebration of personal accomplishments and collective spirit.


In conclusion, the Dri Tri at Orangetheory is a unique, high-energy fitness competition designed to test your endurance and strength. It encompasses three critical fitness components: rowing, weightlifting, and treadmill running.

Each of these components pushes you to your physical limits, allowing you to better understand your capabilities and set new personal records. Participating in the Dri Tri is not just about crossing the finish line but about the journey of personal growth, community support, and self-discovery throughout the process.

Remember, the real victory is not in the winning, but in the courage to participate and give your best. Embrace the challenge, and you will come out stronger, both physically and mentally.

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